Brazilian Valuation of EQ-5D-3L HealthStates: Results from a Saturation Study

Santos, Marisa
Cintra, Monica A. C. T.
Monteiro, Andrea L
Santos, Braulio
Gusmão-Filho, Fernando
Andrade, Mônica Viegas
Noronha, Kenya
Cruz, Luciane N
Camey, Suzi
Tura, Bernardo
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Medical Decision Make
Background.Most EQ-5D-3L valuation studies includethe same sample of health states that was used in the pro-tocol of the original UK Measurement and Valuation ofHealth (MVH) study. Thus far, no studies using a timetradeoff utility elicitation method have been carried outusing all 243 EQ-5D health states. Because the valuesand preferences regarding health outcomes differ amongcountries, it is essential to have country-specific data toenable local high-level decisions regarding resource allo-cation. This study developed a country-specific set of val-ues for EQ-5D-3L health states.Methods.Amulticentricstudy was conducted in 4 Brazilian areas. A probabilisticsample of the general population, aged 18 to 64 y, strati-fied by age and gender, was surveyed. The interview fol-lowed a revised version of the MVH protocol, in which all243 health states were valued. Each respondent rankedand valued 7 health states using the TTO in a homeinterview.Results.Data were collected from 9148subjects. The best-fitting regression model was anindividual-level mixed-effects model without any inter-action terms. The dimensions ‘‘Mobility’’ and ‘‘UsualActivities’’ were associated with higher losses in healthstate utility value. The ‘‘Anxiety/Depression’’ dimensionwas the domain that contributed to lower losses in healthstate utility value.Conclusions.This study generated sig-nificant insight into the Brazilian population’s healthpreferences that can be applied to health technologyassessment and economic analyses in Brazil. This infor-mation represents an important new tool that can beused in Brazilian health policy creation and evaluation.Key words:EQ-5D; outcomes research; quality-adjustedlife-years; preference weights; time tradeoff (TTO); socialvalue set; value set
EQ-5D, Outcomes research, Quality-adjusted life-year, preference weights, Time tradeoff (TTO), Social value set, Value set
Santos M, Cintra MACT, Monteiro AL, Santos B, Gusmão-Filho F, Andrade MV et al. Brazilian Valuation of EQ-5D-3L HealthStates: Results from a Saturation Study. Medical Decision Making [Internet]. 2015; 36: 253-263.