Association Between Work and Common Mental Disorders in School Adolescents: The ERICA Study

Santos, Daniele Baptista dos
Mediano, Mauro Felippe Felix
Rodrigues Júnior, Luiz Fernando
Santos Junior, Braulio dos
Lorenzo, Andrea Rocha de
Kuschnir, Maria Cristina Caetano
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OBJECTIVES: Adolescence is characterized by continuing profound mental, physical, and social changes and entering into the labor market during this phase may have negative consequences on physical and mental health. Common mental disorders (CMD) are characterized as disorders of mental functions, including symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as various nonspecific and somatic complaints such as reduced ability to concentrate, tiredness, irritation, and forgetfulness. Despite its increasing prevalence, few studies have addressed CMD and its association with work, in adolescents. In the present study, we aimed to identify the main factors associated with CMD and evaluated its association with work, in school adolescents. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted with 12 to 17-year-old adolescent students using a self-administered questionnaire with questions related to work. CMD was verified using the General Health Questionnaire of 12 items. In total, 3424 adolescents were studied. RESULTS: The prevalence of CMD and work in the last year was 28.72% and 19.63%, respectively. After adjustment for potential confounding variables, multivariate analysis showed associations of CMD with female gender (OR=2.72) and work (OR=1.70). CONCLUSION: In the present study, a high number of cases of CMD were observed among the studied adolescents. Female gender and work history in the last year were negatively and independently associated with the presence of CMD.
Mental Health, Minor Labor, Adolescent Health, Blood Pressure
Santos DB, Mediano MFF, Rodrigues Júnior LF, Santos Junior B, Lorenzo AR, Kuschnir MCC. Association Between Work and Common Mental Disorders in School Adolescents: The ERICA Study. Clinics. 2020;75:e1794