Health literacy and quality of life in hospitalized heart failure patients: a cross-sectional study

Lima, Marcone A
Duque, Alice P
Rodrigues Junior, Luiz F
Lima, Viviani Cs
Trotte, Liana Ac
Guimaraes, Tereza Cf
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American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease
Introduction: Heart Failure (HF) treatment may be improved by good knowledge of the disease (Health Literacy) that, despite the well-established role on improving self-care, preventing complications and avoiding worse outcomes, has little evidence on affecting QoL of HF patients. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the impact of Health Literacy on QoL in hospitalized HF patients. Methodology: A cross-sectional exploratory study was conducted with HF patients hospitalized at a public cardiological hospital. Health Literacy was assessed using the "Questionnaire about Heart Failure Patients' Knowledge of Disease" and QoL using the "Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire" (MLHFQ). The association between Health Literacy and QoL was assessed by linear regression (P<0.05). Results: 50 patients were included in the study; the mean Health Literacy score was 34.2 ± 15.1 (the majority presenting acceptable or better knowledge). The mean MLHFQ score was 73.5 ± 19.8. The one-year hospital readmission rate (β=+3.8; P=0.009) and the patients' Health Literacy score (β=-0.4; P=0.024) or good knowledge category (β=-20.2; P=0.016) were independently associated with QoL. Conclusion: While the readmission rate was inversely associated with QoL, the better the HF knowledge the better QoL in hospitalized HF patients
Health literacy, Heart failure, Knowledge, Multidisciplinary team, Quality of life
Lima MA, Duque AP, Rodrigues Junior LF, Lima VC, Trotte LA, Guimaraes TC. Health literacy and quality of life in hospitalized heart failure patients: a cross-sectional study. Am J Cardiovasc Dis. 2020 Oct 15;10(4):490-498